Ero un albero alto e maestoso. Sono stato abbattuto da un fulmine...

24th Ott

Assassin’s Creed Cover Cut/Art


15th Ott

You Shall Not Pass!

I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame...

12th Ott

Wax Side Of The Moon

Wax Colour + Hair Dryer Si, insomma, i colori a cera dell’asilo...

12th Ott

Clap Trap MacBook Sticker

Greetings Traveller! Wow! You’re not dead?

11th Ott

Hero – Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi. One month later:   Screenshot taken from: TOUCH THE SKY┬ámovie.

27th Set

Ecce Bike

06th Set

Ecce Droid

We saw that everything was falling down and we fixed it. –...

31st Ago
Ecce Droid

We Live As We Dream ,Alone

We live as we dream ,alone (Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness) Spray+Acrylic+Wood...

31st Mag