GTAV on Floppy

On 30 Ottobre 2013


GTAV – Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Frisk_me.

Acrilico su floppy (45X45 cm) – 2013

Acrylic on floppy (45X45 cm) – 2013

This is dope. Rockstar Games posted my work here!

Bonus! Game Boy Camera:

5 Responses to “GTAV on Floppy”

  • Can I buy this from you? If so do you ship to the USA?

  • Yes, i will be very happy to send them in USA!

  • Are all of these in one set? How much would it be if I bought 1 set and it was shipped to the USA?

  • I am also interested in your artwork of GTA 5 on floppy (if you are doing multiples of this set). What is the cost of the art and on average what is the shipping to the US (east coast)

  • Can you please share how you created this?

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