GTAV on Floppy

On 30 Ottobre 2013


GTAV – Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Frisk_me.

Acrilico su floppy (45X45 cm) – 2013

Acrylic on floppy (45X45 cm) – 2013

This is dope. Rockstar Games posted my work here!

Bonus! Game Boy Camera:

6 Responses to “GTAV on Floppy”

  • Can I buy this from you? If so do you ship to the USA?

  • Yes, i will be very happy to send them in USA!

  • Are all of these in one set? How much would it be if I bought 1 set and it was shipped to the USA?

  • I am also interested in your artwork of GTA 5 on floppy (if you are doing multiples of this set). What is the cost of the art and on average what is the shipping to the US (east coast)

  • Can you please share how you created this?

  • In GTA Vice City Stories, set in 1984, save icons are represented by 5.25″ floppy disks, with the GTA Vice City Stories logo on the labels. GTA Vice City Stories is the latest game to adopt the save icon, as beds in safehouses effectively replace the icon in GTA IV.

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